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Your house, commercial building and real estate are your biggest investment. Do not let a non-professionals ruin it.

Welcome to Architects, Builders, Contractors and Trades web-directory

Here, you will find thousands of licensed architects, builders, renovators, landscapers and trade workers at your fingertips. Trade-workers such as carpenters, plumbers, drywallers, painters, electricians, roofers, bricklayers, cement workers, stoneworkers, steelworkers and more. It is important that you know all the members on our site are licensed and qualified. So your project is in good hands.

A Licensed Professional means; member has been verified as a professional by government and
has been checked his/her past record for criminal offenses.

On this site, you can also learn about construction and how to choose the right architect, builder, renovator, landscaper, and trade workers. The more you know about construction, the higher your chances of satisfaction and the easier the process becomes. After all, the professional can only deliver what the consumer knows to express.

Sign contract with our professional members and get 10% cash back upon the completion of the project and the payment
(members should have this statement as part of their contract)

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